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RIBS WINE - Chardonnay, Veneto, Italy
Typical delicate & floral scent, spicy and harmonious on the palate.

7.5dl 39.-  (1dl 5.80)

Petite Arvine "les Pyramides" AOCV
Adrian & Diego Mathier Salgesch VS - The Valais miracle! Complex aromas of ripe fruits.

7.5dl 63.-  (1dl 8.90)



Dole Blanche AOC Valais

5dl 25.-  (1dl 5.50)



RIBS WINE - Il falco
Montepulciano d' Abruzzo, Italy
Intense bouquet, full-bodied on the palate and digestible in the finish.

7.5dl 39.-  (1dl 5.80)

Twanner AOC Frauenkopf 2017
Pinot Noir-Malbec - Noble fruity, elegant & light red wine with a lot of character and finesse.

7.5dl 58.-  (1dl 7.90)

Primitivo di Manduria, Aupulia-Italy 2016
Intense bouquet, captivating freshness and dense taste.

7.5dl 49.-  (1dl 6.90)

Kaiken Malbec, Kaiken Malbec, Mendoza Argentina 2017
Like the wild goose Caiquen, the wine pioneer Aurelio Montes crossed the Andes. A complex and highly aromatic drinking pleasure.

7.5dl 52.-  (1dl 7.20)

Coma d‘ en Romeu, Priorate Catalonia 2014
Syrah, Merlot, Cabarnet Sauv. Garnacha, Garneira
Great, powerful and strong wine!

7.5dl 72.-  (1dl 9.80)



Roero Arneis, Piemont-Italy
Fruity & lively structure, balanced combination of sweetness & acidity, a pleasure to drink.

7.5dl 49.-

Molignon AOC VS
Above Sion ripens a golden Chasselas with a noble bouquet and mineral notes.

7.5dl 54.-



Oeil de Perdrix, Château d`Auvernier
The rose develops the aromas of Pinot Noir vividly.

7.5dl 49.-



Pinot Noir, Château de Vincy Vaud 2015
A smooth, fruity Pinot from the oldest manor house in Vaud.

7.5dl 55.-

Dogaia Rosso del Ticino "Barrique" 2015
Gamaret, Merlot - strong freshness, elegant spiciness, strong colour, simply these high Ticino feelings.

7.5dl 76.-

Rubeno Lagrein, South Tyrol-Italy 2017
Lagrein is one of the oldest grape varieties from South Tyrol, fruity & fresh lightness full of aromas.

7.5dl 53.-

Aclianico Terre del Sole, Campania-It. 2016
Back when Vitis Hellencia was introduced by the Greeks. A southern, spicy meat companion.

7.5dl 51.-

Nero d` Avola Barrique, Sicilia-Italy 2017
A noble Nero of Avola does justice to the name "Principe Siciliano". The Sicilian fire is intense, the calm tannins soft. A fireworks furioso!

7.5dl 58.-

Amarone della Valpolicella-Italy 2013
Always a new taste experience. Robust, soft & harmonious in harmony.

5dl 58.- / 7.5dl 89.-

Galeam Monastrell, Alicante-Spain 2015
Sensitive, refined & yet provocative, a triumph to the last drop.

7.5dl 52.-

Payoya Negra DO, Malaga-Spain 2016
Graziano, Grenache and Shiraz - Round, fresh and balanced. A wine with a strong character and complex regional character.

7.5dl 71.-

CARTA Tinto, Alentejano-Portugal 2017
Aragonez, Touriga National - Innovative and basic wine with pure and penetrating aromas.

7.5dl 54.-

Ojo de Agua Cabarnet Sauvignon 2016
Mendoza-Argentina Dieter Meier, pure and honest, fruity and spicy.

7.5dl 57.-

Artezin Zinfandel, Mendocino USA 2016
Families of Italian and Swiss immigrants sustain and refine "The Art of Zinfandel". Liberating, euphoric - California Dreaming!

7.5dl 68.-


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